Types Of Braces

Choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment is choosing to make an investment in your future smile and dental health. At Scissortail Orthodontics, we believe that this decision marks the beginning of a transformation — not just of teeth, but of confidence, happiness, and overall well-being. With a commitment to cutting-edge treatments and a warm, familial approach, our team sculpts smiles designed with your family in mind.

Each treatment option stands as a different tool in the artistry of orthodontic care, offering distinct benefits and achieving various aesthetic and functional outcomes. Whether it’s the modern appeal of clear braces, the advanced technology of custom 3D printed brackets, or the classic reliability of metal braces, Scissortail Orthodontics has a full spectrum to offer.

Unlocking the magic of a perfectly aligned smile is a journey that Scissortail Orthodontics understands intimately. Here, we’re more than just a local orthodontic practice using wire and brackets, we’re craftsmen of confidence and architects of life-transforming smiles.

Explore the world of orthodontic innovation tailored to every age group, offered with the warm care and precision you deserve. Welcome to the smile revolution!

Hybrid Treatment

Dr. Kierl was one of the pioneers of hybrid orthodontic treatment. With hybrid treatment, we combine the best of both worlds when it comes to braces and aligners.  The precision of braces and the esthetics of clear aligners. In most cases, braces are placed to take care of larger movements. Movements that are inefficient with clear aligners. After six to twelve weeks the braces are removed and aligner treatment begins. Hybrid treatment can also be used to smoothly transition a patient out of braces at the end of treatment if braces need to be removed early for any reason. This process dramatically shortens aligner and fixed appliance treatment. It’s a win-win!

Braces for Kids

Early orthodontic evaluation can intercept potential problems, maximizing the effectiveness of treatment with braces suited for young smiles.

Early Intervention For Lifelong Benefits

Our practice offers a carefully calibrated program for children’s orthodontic needs. We understand that each child is unique, and their care should reflect that. Early intervention can prevent problems in the future and often makes the later phase of treatment shorter and less complicated.

We believe in engaging children in the orthodontic process, making it an educational experience that can be transformative. From ensuring they understand the “why” behind their treatment to the fun they have choosing colored bands, we make the process both informative and enjoyable.

The types of braces for children vary depending on their age, jaw development, and specific needs. We may recommend removable appliances prior to fully braces, to ensure steady progress for your child’s perfect smile.

Braces For Teens

Orthodontic options for teenagers are designed with their dynamic lives in mind, aiming to align teeth without sidelining their social or extracurricular activities.

Confidence Boosters For An Active Lifestyle

Adolescence is a prime time for orthodontic treatment as the body goes through rapid change. Braces for teens are designed to cater to this transitional phase with a balance of effectiveness and consideration for their social and emotional needs.

Colored bands provide a way for teens to express themselves and feel in control of their treatment. It’s a fashion statement that can change with each visit, offering a light-hearted way to approach a serious health matter.

Early teens present a beneficial window for orthodontic intervention, as the jaw is still malleable and the patient is typically motivated to enhance their appearance. It’s an opportunity for efficient treatment that paves the way for a lifetime of healthy, confident smiles.

Braces For Adults

More adults are seeking orthodontic treatment than ever before. With advances in technology and aesthetic options, it’s never too late to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Adult orthodontics can enhance both your confidence and oral health.

For adults with a busy lifestyle, invisible aligners provide the flexibility and discretion desired. They allow for easy removal for important occasions and maintain a low profile at work.

Adult orthodontics not only straightens teeth but can also correct issues leading to pain, gum disease, and difficulty speaking or eating. It’s a holistic approach to health that considers the long-term implications of orthodontic care.

Selecting the right type of braces is a significant decision that will impact your life in various ways. We encourage you to schedule a free consultation with our team at Scissortail Orthodontics, where we can further discuss your options and create a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your goals. While the world of orthodontics offers a variety of choices, the result is the same — a smile that reflects the best version of you.

Remember, at Scissortail Orthodontics, we craft smiles designed with your family in mind.