A Symbol Of Beauty & Agility

The decision to adopt the Scissortail Flycatcher as our symbol is rooted in its profound symbolism in Native American culture. Indigenous to the skies and open fields of Oklahoma, the Scissortail aligns perfectly with our mission and reflects our values of freedom, agility, and adaptability. In our office, this is represented in patient care, innovation, and community engagement. Just as the Scissortail graces the Oklahoma horizon, we aspire to soar with excellence with each patient, uplifting spirits and enriching smiles one appointment at a time.

Experience Matters

Dr. Kierl has been at the forefront of technology and innovation in orthodontics for over 15 years. CAD and 3D technology have dramatically changed the abilities of an orthodontist to treat with efficiency and precision. 3D software like SureSmile and uLab have significant learning curves, but Dr. Kierl has invested the time to become an expert in these technologies because he feels it is important to offer his patients the best treatment options available.

Dr. Kierl is also an expert in 3D printing, which has allowed our office to make clear aligners for patients “in-house.” You may ask why this is important — because major clear aligner companies charge your dentist or orthodontist thousands of dollars in lab fees, which they then have to pass on to the patient. Not in our office — that savings goes directly to you, the patient. In-house clear aligner treatment also allows us the flexibility and agility to change the course of treatment if needed at any time. For example, maybe you have a wedding or senior photos and want to finish your treatment in clear aligners. No problem — we’ll take your braces off, scan, and go!

Craftsmanship, Design, & Details

Our commitment to crafting exceptional smiles is much more than just a tagline — it’s a promise. Each step of your orthodontic journey has been carefully planned to give you the best experience possible in the shortest amount of time. Efficiency and convenience are the foundation of our practice.

Transforming Smiles & Building A Community

At Scissortail Orthodontics, we are a practice focused on orthodontic excellence nestled in the heart of Oklahoma. From the moment you set foot in our office — whether in Stillwater or Edmond — you become part of our family, a relationship that extends beyond a straighter smile. Our story is one of community, quality, and genuinely making a difference through meticulous care.

Living our values through community support

For years, we have spread love and support through our philanthropic efforts in the Stillwater and Edmond communities. We continue to serve the very communities that have supported us, from sponsoring local events and athletic and academic teams to partnering with great causes. Our idea of success is directly tied to improving our patients’ lives in the orthodontic office and in the community.