When it comes to the science of straightening teeth, SureSmile is the epitome of precision. This advanced orthodontic system utilizes 3D imaging software to design a treatment plan that targets precise tooth movement strategies. It custom-bends the archwires to follow the previously planned movements with pinpoint accuracy, leading to shorter treatment times and fewer office visits.

If your plan includes braces, you will receive custom SureSmile orthodontic wires which allow teeth to move directly to their desired position, eliminating the need for monthly appointments. These wires are made of space-age alloys that work with the heat of your mouth to move teeth with lighter force than traditional wires. SureSmile wires are robotically bent using a special process that takes Dr. Kierl’s plan and produces a wire that cannot be bent by hand. SureSmile wires have been shown to save patients up to 40% in treatment time compared to traditional orthodontic wires.

SureSmile enhances both the quality and efficiency of treatment and sets measurable goals to guide the progress of your orthodontic transformation. From the very first consultation, this system sets a trajectory toward a smile that fulfills your wildest dreams.

Advanced Orthodontic Technology

iTero Scanner

Gone are the days of messy, uncomfortable impressions. The iTero Scanner represents a pivotal shift towards digital precision and patient comfort. This handheld intraoral scanner captures 3D images in real time, significantly reducing chair time and providing unparalleled insights into your orthodontic needs.

The iTero Scanner is proof that the future of orthodontics is now, offering instant visualizations that allow you to see your smile’s potential before treatment even begins. Moreover, the lack of physical impressions removes a significant source of patient anxiety, demonstrating the technology’s role in fostering a relaxed and enjoyable patient experience.

iCat Scanner

iCat Scanner

In the realm of orthodontic diagnostics, the iCat Scanner stands as a versatile ally. Capturing a 3D digital panoramic X-ray image in a single 8.9-second scan does far more than provide snapshots of teeth — it strategically unveils the underlying skeletal structures, airway passages, and temporomandibular joints.

This comprehensive data is invaluable for creating treatment plans that consider the full scope of craniofacial dynamics. From assessing tooth and root positions to diagnosing impacted teeth and evaluating airway structures, the iCat Scanner enables a thorough understanding of your oral health, allowing us to craft a plan that aligns with your unique anatomy.

CBCT Scanner


CBCT, or Cone-Beam Computed Tomography, technology provides detailed information about your teeth, jaws, nerve pathways, and airways, offering a comprehensive overview of your craniofacial anatomy. For cases that involve potential airway obstructions, orthognathic surgeries, or any other therapy that necessitates a holistic understanding of the oro-facial region, this is an indispensable tool.

In-House 3D PrintingCustom Clear Aligners

In-House Printing

To say that 3D printing has revolutionized orthodontic fabrication is an understatement. Our in-house 3D printing capability enables us to custom-create orthodontic appliances with levels of precision and personalized detail previously unimaginable.

Dr. Kierl’s expertise in 3D printing has allowed our office to manufacture clear aligners for patients “in-house.” You may ask why this is important — because major clear aligner companies charge your dentist or orthodontist thousands of dollars in lab fees, which they then have to pass on to the patient. Not in our office — that savings goes directly to you, the patient. In-house clear aligner treatment also allows us the flexibility and agility to change the course of treatment from braces to aligners when needed — we call this hybrid treatment.

From aligners to retainers, these appliances are engineered to fit your teeth perfectly, ensuring optimal treatment results. This technology imparts a level of control and customization that empowers us to provide you with appliances that are not only efficient but also comfortable, blending seamlessly into your daily life.

Braces On Demand — Custom 3D-Printed Brackets

In our office, we have the ability to tailor every treatment to you. This includes completely custom 3D-printed clear brackets. With a technology called Braces On Demand, Dr. Kierl can design orthodontic brackets from scratch that fit the shape of your tooth and have a prescription just for your mouth. This type of treatment provides excellent aesthetics and allows the patient to go longer between appointments.

Our Commitment To Technology, A Commitment To You

At Scissortail Orthodontics, we recognize that each patient is unique, and their orthodontic needs are as individual as a fingerprint. Our approach to utilizing the latest technology is our commitment to you — to provide not just orthodontic care but an experience that is personal, efficient, and empowers you to take an active role in your smile’s transformation.

With these innovations, we’re rewriting the narrative of orthodontic care, infusing every patient’s story with the harmony of technology and human touch. Come visit us at our Stillwater or Edmond location in Oklahoma and take the first step towards a smile that reflects the brilliance within.